YOUNG designers came up with fresh ideas for IW vehicles, taking into consideration the existing tricky infrastructure.

Shortlisted entries for the Young Designers Awards 2019 were exhibited at a ceremony held at Quay Arts recently.

The brief challenged participants to consider the Island's infrastructure in their designs — including consideration for the narrow roads, and the condition of pavements for pedestrians.

The entries were judged by local contemporary artist Celia Wilkinson, director of Art-Ecology, Claire Hector, and Colman Cotter, of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The judges were overwhelmed by the imagination and creativity displayed in the designs, with ideas ranging from a Viking boat to a no gravity zone space experience.

They found it difficult to choose winners, but after much deliberation they reached agreement.

The competition, now in its seventh year, has seen a number young designers return with improved entries, exposing them to architecture and encouraging discussions about the built environment.

Information on the Young Designers Awards 2020 will be released in December.

Winners: Ages five to six — Sophie Kuhrt, Fiveways, Rainbow Party Train; Age seven — George Pim, Fiveways, Owlient Express; age eight — first place, James Travers-Garrety, Godshill Primary, Space Experience; age nine — first place, Leigh O’Donnell, Ryde Junior School, Glitter Dance Express; age 10 — joint first, Rosie Edgson, Ryde Junior, Healthy Eating Shop, René Mattinson, Ryde Junior, Le Cirque Roulant; age 11 — Livia Mattei, Ryde Junior, All Fruits Carriage; age 12 — first place, Darcy Homan, The Island Free School, Nature Encouraging Carriage; age 15 — Tilly Ashton, Ryde Senior, Tropical Train.