FORGET the Isle of Wight Festival ­— Nine Acres reception class have been running their very own festival, complete with glitter, dancing and singing.

Over the past week ­— in preparation for the big day ­— the children were busy rehearsing and planning the event to ensure it all ran smoothly ­— just like the real thing.

Costumes were fashioned, a menu was selected and a line-up was created.

Each group took it in turns to perform their talent on stage, with their class peers forming an audience.

The children made musical instruments for their band to accompany their personalised cover songs, ranging from Baby Giraffe ­— a cover of the infamous Baby Shark ­— to songs from Disney's Moana.

Wristbands were also fashioned using bright colours and resources, as well as maps of the site and flags to decorate it.

On the day, the children paid for snacks with money, and even paid for the festival essentials in their class shop.

The event culminated with the whole class singing and dancing to Shotgun, by George Ezra.

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