The Island’s CCTV control room could be being partially reinstated — in an apparent IW Council u-turn.

The County Press has been told the police had raised concerns about public safety, which has led to a decision by the council to continue funding it.

In a statement, the council confirmed it was dedicating £100,000 towards the service, but would not confirm this money would go towards staff.

As part of a bid to make savings on the highways PFI budget, five control room staff were axed from Island Roads' Newport headquarters.

Unison was concerned that scrapping CCTV monitoring would make the Island's streets less safe and put vulnerable people at risk.

Unison branch secretary Mark Chiverton told the County Press: "Following concerns expressed by police, in common with what Unison members were warning about, the council has gone for a partial reinstation.

"It is welcome news but we still feel the original proposal to close it was flawed and I question their judgement.

"It is important work they were doing at the control room and they offered a very good value for money service."

He said there may now be two positions available and the previous staff have been given the opportunity to reapply for the posts.

He also said there had been anger that the overall cost of the service equated to just a few months' service of the cost of the private consultant drafted in to make savings on the contract.

Jay Jayasundara, of Jasmine Consulting, was paid almost £130,000 in eight months.

A spokesperson for the IW Council said: “We continue to liaise with the police and have reached an agreement on a protocol that meets their requirements.

“Police will continue to be supported in reviewing CCTV footage, viewing specific cameras or using the CCTV control room for the purposes of specific operations.

"The council will continue to fund this service at an approximate cost of £100,000."

There will be reviews by the council and Hampshire Constabulary over the coming six months.

Hundreds of people had signed a petition calling on the council to reverse the decision.