FIREFIGHTERS were called to a Newport bank yesterday evening after a bird was discovered to be trapped on the roof.

Wild Bird Aid was called to the Nat West Bank at St James' Square, where they found an adult herring gull trapped in netting on the roof.

The gull ­— unable to free itself ­— was showing signs of dehydration and exposure.

With no access to the roof, the RSPCA were contacted, and together with Wild Bird Aid, requested assistance from the IW Fire Service.

Firefighters from Newport Fire Station ­— equipped with a hydraulic platform from Ryde Fire Station ­— arrived on the scene at around 7pm, and cut the bird from the netting and brought it to safety.

The bird ­— trapped on the roof for five hours ­— was handed over to Wild Bird Aid, who took it to their rehab centre, rehydrated the gull and administered critical care.

Vicky-Marie Hogan of WBA said: "He is presently recovering from his ordeal and resting.

"The prognosis is good, and hopefully we will release him back to the area he came from to be reunited with his mate and gull family.

"We would like to thank the RSPCA and the fire service, without whom this gorgeous bird would most certainly have suffered a long, slow, agonising death."

UPDATE: Today (Wednesday), the bird was released into the wild, having made a full recovery. 

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