GROWING up just across the water in Southampton, Wild Front have always been big Isle of Wight Festival fans.

With a wide range of influences, from 1980s rock and alternative indie to folk and hip hop, they have a distinctive sound and have won support from BBC Introducing and Clash.

They are playing twice tomorrow (Friday) — with a live performance on the Main Stage and a DJ set on the Smirnoff Waterfall stage.

Q1. You've played the Isle of Wight Festival before. What do you think about the event, and how does it compare with other festivals?

A1. We love the Isle of Wight Festival. Growing up in Southampton, it's always been the local big festival and all of us grew up dreaming of playing it.

Q2. Tell us about the last time you went to a festival as a punter. What are your top tips for having a great festival?

A2. I went to Barn On The Farm festival a few years back. Such a nice vibe there, and some really good music. The best thing about going to festivals is going to see as much music as you can, especially new artists you don't know. You find so many gems that way. I was a Bestival the year Stevie Wonder played, and I saw Michael Kiwanuka really early afternoon in the Big Top and he blew me away!

Q3. What acts on this year's Isle of Wight Festival bill would you like to see?

A3. Looking forward to rocking out to Biffy. We're loving Sam Fender at the moment so definitely gonna try and catch his set. To be fair there are some gems in the Big Top this year — Idles, Mystery Jets, Miles Kane, Keane.

Q4. Who's your favourite — Liam or Noel?

A4. It's got to be Noel. He wrote the bangers, credit where credit is due.

Q5. How does playing a festival compare to playing a regular gig? What do you enjoy about playing a festival?

A5. It's always so different playing festivals to usual gigs. A lot of the time at festivals, you have a chance to win over people that may not know the band or your music, so you have to tailor your set for that and try and give the most exciting performance in a short space of time.

Q6. What's on your rider?

A6. We're a pretty easy band to please. If there's food we're happy! Jack and Josh are vegan so any sort of houmous goes down a treat.

Q7. Have you been to the Island before? What do you think of the place?

A7. We've all been over a few times. We had some friends who went to Platform One so have been over to visit. I've been to the zoo, that was pretty cool. There's quite a charm to the Island, even if it does seem the sort of place your grandparents would retire to!

Q8. Are you staying on the Island for the weekend? If so, what are your plans?

Q8. Yeh, we're all hoping to stay at the festival for the weekend. We always have a lot of friends from Southampton that go to the festival so it's always a laugh! I'm sure that'll involve lots of morning trips to Wetherspoons in Newport for breakfast!

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