SHIPBUILDER Wight Shipyard is launching its new-build hybrid vessel at Seawork 2019 today.

The vessel promises to set new industry standards in the patrol and pilot sectors, helping operators including port and river authorities, Police, Ministry of Defence and Royal Navy meet strict new pollution standards.

The port environment is becoming a stricter environment to work in when it comes to environmental regulation and clean air requirements, and vessels are required that can switch easily between variable speeds.

Wight Shipyard’s new hybrid vessel also provides operators with a reduction in both fuel costs and engine maintenance because there is the ability to turn off the main engines for substantial periods of time.

"This ground-breaking project aims to set new standards in high speed, fuel economy and light weight vessels in the sector.

"Building greener vessels has been an integral focus for some time now so moving into hybrid options is the obvious next step forward," said Peter Morton, chief executive.

Seawork 2019, Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition, is taking place in Southampton from today.

As previously reported, Wight Shipyard has also been appointed to develop a fleet of Arksen vessels.


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