A MASSIVE new primate has arrived at Monkey Haven — but he's considerably less demanding than the other residents.

The attraction has welcomed a silverback gorilla — but one made from tough fibreglass.

Seated, he’s a whopping 8ft tall, which is much bigger than all the rescued monkeys and apes at the animal sanctuary.

He can be found near the picnic area, where he's causing quite a stir and getting involved in numerous gorilla selfies.

The idea is to draw attention to the plight of gorillas in the wild, as all species face extinction due to the trade in bushmeat and the destruction of the rainforests where they live in Africa.

Don Walser, founder of Monkey Haven, said: "This is the biggest beast you’ve ever seen, and we hope you’ll come and meet him.

"We're looking for a name and we are running a competition on Facebook to win a family day out.

"For now, he’s called Big Don – apparently that’s a tribute to me, so I’ll take it as a compliment.

"I’ve also heard him called Peachy in reference to his big behind."