SANDOWN held its own event inspired by the Eden Project's Big Lunch.

The Big Picnic, held at Battery Gardens last Sunday (June 2), saw residents get together for food and activities.

Alan Jones, chair of Sandown Community Association, said: "It was a great success, the site is ideal for a picnic, everyone wants to go again.

"We want to make it an annual event, and have provisionally booked for next year."

Food was donated by the Co-op this year, and the event is planned to return on the first Sunday of June.

The event ­— a community project and part of the Big Lunch initiative ­— is all about people getting together to share food, have fun and get to know each other better.

Alan said: "The whole idea is to get people to meet people, and get lonely people out together.

"The poo museum public toilets proved very popular ­— talking to you while you're on the toilet.

"The only problem was, people were spending too long in there, and the queue was starting to build up."