From J.A. Guymer, Wootton Bridge:

What is the logic in moving a town football pitch to the middle of nowhere? It is a type of vandalism in my opinion.

The ‘regeneration of Newport’ is a euphemism for further encroachment into our countryside. Such proposals are similar to the demise of Ryde Sports FC at Ratcliffe Avenue, 30 years ago.

Also, Tesco at Ryde was built on green land, together with a leisure centre which was to be held in trust for the town’s people. I seem to recall a firm called Leading Leisure being involved during the demise of this centre. 

Newport FC moved from Church Litten to its present site about 25 years ago — presumably this was about regeneration.

The regeneration of Newport should be around St. George’s Park being expanded into a youth development and culture centre.

Newport has a high level of unemployment in the youth age group and there are often incidents of disorder around the centre.

The proposed site for the new football stadium is immediately adjacent to the route that Queen Victoria would have taken from Whippingham station to her beloved Osborne, As a tourist attraction, our Island was once noted for its Victorian charm and rural beauty. Not anymore.

Would any of our councillors know where Whippingham station was?

Be careful East Cowes Victoria FC, the vandals come for the Danegeld they might want your pitch, despite your connection with Osborne.