THE National Trust and Bembridge Men in Sheds have joined forces to raise funds for replacement sails at Bembridge Windmill.

The charity needs to raise £50,000 after the lattice work that forms part of the sails, known as sweeps, had to be removed last winter after time and weather took their toll.

The two groups will be in attendance at the Bembridge Street Fair on Monday, selling unique items crafted from the sweeps — including tea light holders, bird feeders, candle holders and coat hooks.

David Chubb, of Bembridge Men in Sheds, said: "When we heard Bembridge Windmill had a significant supply of used wood from the sweeps and needed to raise money, we saw an opportunity to help each other.

"The trust has supplied us with the old wood and we are turning this into a series of objects.”

The trust's visitor operations manager, Kathryn Wilson, said: “Those who buy an item will not only be supporting a good cause but they will also have a unique piece of Bembridge history to keep.”

Donations can also me made online at