From Peter Gregory, Ryde:

Climate change is a big issue and no doubt will be bigger for our children and their children.

So, big issues require big solutions and I’d like to suggest a few i think might really help our planet.

1) Virtually every roof on every house in the country (or indeed the world) should have solar panels on them feeding back into the grid and, as technology evolves, charging accumulators in every house to store that free energy. I appreciate this would be expensive.

2) Virtually every roof on every house in the country (or indeed the world) should have solar heating to make hot water from the light, be it sun or just daylight.

3) Massive investment should be made to develop a public transport system that is free (or at least cheap enough for people to use it), plentiful and regular so people can get very close to where they need to go, when they need it and quickly, (which it probably would be if the users of the public transport system left their cars at home) and covers just about every location you need. This includes a decent bus service and a decent train service.

I’m not an eco warrior or even a climate change protester (but probably should be)!  but I am genuinely concerned governments all over the world are not taking the issues of climate change seriously enough.

My own feeling is big business, be it the power-generating companies, the oil industry and especially capitalism are working both diligently, skilfully and subversively to ensure the current way of the world doesn’t change, so profitability and the needs of shareholders are satisfied.

The bottom line is we have to do something to change the appalling way the human race is messing things up.

My ideas won’t solve all the problems but they would sure help.