A TEAM of Isle of Wight contractors set the bar on popular TV auctioning show, renovating a terraced house.

The three contractors from Chestons PHB Services so impressed producers of BBC One's Homes Under the Hammer, they brought the episode forward by four months.

Show producers had said they had never seen a team turnaround such a large profit ­— nearly £200,000 when the central London property was sold at auction ­— in such a short timeframe.

Dennis Cheston, Tony Wise and Harry Stafford were praised for the quality and speed of the development by the show's producers.

Salma Begum, who bought the property, credited the team for their commitment, dedication and expertise, and said they should be proud to put the Island on the map.

The development was not the first for Salma and Dennis.

His team also renovated another of her properties, the Villa Mentone Hotel in Shanklin.

Salma and Dennis also worked together on another development in East London, prior to her moving to the Island.

She worked as a store manager before turning her hand to hospitality and buying the Villa Mentone.

Dennis and his team, carpenter Tony and decorator Harry, spent 16 months renovating the hotel before it was became the Villa Mentone Hotel.

Salma said she loved the adrenaline rush of property development.

Dennis said his team enjoyed working on the show, describing the experience as 'a good laugh.'

The episode was broadcast last week and can be watched again on BBC iPlayer.