HULLABALOO returned to Sandown over the weekend — a free discovery and exploration event for the whole family.

The event, held along the entire stretch of Culver beach, combined arts, science and heritage events with carnival and seaside traditions.

Performers on the Shady Lady Ship stage included magicians, singers and dancers, including those from the Roisin Mullins Dance Academy in Brading, introducing two-year-old Phoebe Butt.

Roisin said: “It was amazing to see such tiny toddlers on stage, entertaining massive audiences. You are never too young to start dancing.”

Sharon George, event organiser, said: "This is the third event, and the best one yet, Hullabaloo is fast becoming a Sandown original."

In addition to a sea-themed carnival parade and entertainment, there was a Game of Thrones inspired cardboard battle.

Participants had made their own armour and weapons at a cardboard workshop, choosing to fight on the side of ice, or fire.

Some wore costumes inspired by feudal-inspired ‘card-mail’ while one combatant opted for a hotdog outfit with a helmet fashioned from an empty crate of cider. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes.

Children from both sides clashed against a wall of cardboard before stepping aside and watching adults join the fray, clouting each other with swords and hammers. The Night King fought for the side of ice, while a giant dragon head helmed the fire team.

When the dust settled, the winning team was declared to a standing ovation — the side with the most cardboard remaining.

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