THE Isle of Wight Council could be paid an extra £175,000 if it agrees to change some of the conditions for a new retail and leisure park in Newport.

The plan to redevelop the Newport Football Club site, at St George’s Way, has already been agreed by the council — paving the way for a McDonald’s, Aldi and Wickes to be built there.

The new conditions would enable a hotel to be built on the site and allow more space for food retail. They would also enable the development to be built in two phases.

The work, by developer South Coast Leisure (SCL), would also kick-start the relocation of Newport FC to a new facility near the Racecourse roundabout.

However, now SCL has asked the council to agree to four new conditions, which it said would ‘better meet market demand.’

The site could also now be sold on by SCL as separate lots, to separate buyers, rather than to a single company, as previously agreed.

The changes would see the value of the land increase from £350,000 to £525,000, and SCL has agreed to pay the higher price.

The plans will be considered under delegated powers by Cllr Stuart Hutchinson, and will not go before the cabinet or full council.

According to the council, there is limited financial risk to agreeing with the new conditions.

A report, published today (Monday), stated: “While the council is able to refuse such a request, if it does so it would simply frustrate SCL’s regeneration proposals for their site, leading to either the consequent loss of the regeneration scheme or a less attractive one, with the loss of all the socio-economic benefits that would otherwise result.”

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