AN EMBROIDERY has been presented to Oakfield Primary School to use during collective worship.

The school has a worship table which holds a cross and candle and other symbolic items, but needleworkers at St John's Church offered to produce a panel as part of their 175th Anniversary celebration.

The school has its own worship group, made up of children from each year, and facilitated by teacher and RE leader Mrs Rowe, who help plan and review what takes place when the children gather to worship.

The group was asked to come up with a design, but instead they decided they would like a copy of the altar frontal which they see in St John's Church when they worship there.

The original altar frontal was designed and made by a team of women for the Millennium celebrations at the church, and three of the women who made the original — Wendy Johnson, Doreen Kent and Jocelyn Stedman — made the copy for the school.

The design features the four colours which the church uses to mark the liturgical seasons in the church year, with a cross in the centre.

The panels to the left of the cross symbolise the past, and the panels to the right symbolise the hope of all that is yet to come.

The makers presented the panel to the school at Easter, and during the service, the panel was dedicated by the Rev Sue Theobald, priest in charge of the parish of St John the Baptist with Holy Trinity, Ryde.

She said: "It is delightful that the children chose a design which is based on something they see every time they come to church.

"This reflects the close relationship that Oakfield Primary School has with St John's and indicates that they see St John's as a special place.

"We hope that the children and staff will enjoy using the panel during collective worship for many years to come."