Woody’s was the place to be in Newport in the early 2000s.

Following a re-fit, it became one of the Island’s premier club venues.

Ian said: “Bijou but banging, Woody’s was a hoofer of a night to play.

“I was with Power FM at the time of starting there and initially was only doing Wednesday night, as I had other commitments.

“The refit loomed and that opened the door of not only opportunity, but a whole bucket load of fun.

“It was really well put together, visually stunning and something totally unique to the Island.

“Whilst at Power, I was also running the DJ Mixing Championships and one of the prizes for the winner was a residency at Woody’s on a Saturday.

“The winner was Dan Gaches, aka DJ Merlin.

“He had done a couple of warm up slots at Dynamite, so we knew each other vaguely and it was the start of something really special.

“Not only from a DJing point of view, but like many that have met in club land, a long term friendship.

“The venue was big enough to have breathing space, yet small enough to create a really nice tight vibe.

“Again, everything was right and it was hugely enjoyable — great décor, great people on the bar and door and a nice upstairs area to chill out.”

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