GLITZ and glamour was in abundance at Beyond The West End — the 2019 summer show at Shanklin Theatre.

Spotlight IOW, the theatre's resident professionals, will put the show on every Thursday night.

It is top on the to-do list for coachloads of tourists each week, but many locals make a point of seeing it at some point during the summer.

The evening started with Feeling Good, which was written for the stage in 1964, and it was apparent from the start that the choreography was going to be superb. The dancing was a definite strength of the show — contemporary and slick.

The costumes were incredible too, all sparkle, sequins and sharp suits.

To keep the show fresh each year, it doesn't just rely on the classics and Lloyd Webber. In fact, there was no Lloyd Webber at all.

Instead, interspersed with some big showstopping songs, they cleverly went for some new musicals, such as The Greatest Showman, a range of songs from the jukebox musical Tina (as in Turner), and some sketches from the Only Fools and Horses musical. It was a great move, as presumably it meant the majority of the audience were seeing the songs on stage for the first time, and the show was offering something that bit different.

Producer Jayne Derbyshire, who also starred on stage, and musical director David Redston, have a show to be proud of.

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