THE JOURNEYS of two legendary travellers will be told at a concert.

A multi-media evening of musical theatre will be held at St Agnes Church, Freshwater Bay, at 7.30pm on Sunday (12).

The concert follows DH Lawrence in Mexico and Ibn Battuta in Medieval Africa.

The musicians telling the stories are Tunde Jegede on kora, cello and vocals, and Rafaell Guel on vihuela, flute and percussion.

Sunara Begum will add visuals, live performance infusing archival imagery, paintings, text and poetry to express a timeless narrative.

There will be a meet and greet at Dimbola Lodge afterwards.

Tickets are £10, from which a donation will be made towards providing a new floor at St Agnes. They can be purchased from Mrs Middleton's Shop in Freshwater, or at or 730930.