GIRLS’ golf is about to get rocking on the Isle of Wight with the launch of a campaign to attract new players to the sport.

Girls Golf Rocks offers free tasters, followed by coaching courses, for girls aged five to 18 years, with the aim of having fun, learning a new sport, getting active and playing alongside friends.

Shanklin and Sandown will become the first club on the Island to adopt the scheme, with a taster event on Sunday and a first coaching session a week later.

Sunday’s taster will run from 10.30am to 12.30pm, with coaching on Sunday, May 12, between noon and 1pm, which can be booked through

At the taster sessions, newcomers can play fun games and activities, led by a PGA professional coach, with Girls Golf Rocks ambassadors and members of the county girls’ squad on hand to help and encourage.

Equipment is provided and girls can wear what they like, as long as it’s comfy and keeps them warm.

Girls who enjoy the taster, can go on to join a beginner coaching group, to learn the basics during six weekly, one-hour sessions.

They will also have the chance to get out on the golf course on the sixth week and play in a team alongside the Girls Golf Rocks ambassadors.

They will also receive a golf club and goody bag.