From Jim Groves, Godshill:
For almost three years now we the people who voted to leave the EU have been waiting for the government to keep its promise and deliver Brexit.

It is clear both leaders of our major political parties have no intention in delivering what we voted for. Labour want to tie us into a customs union, which would mean we could not make our own trade deals and would be subject to EU legislation.
May has produced an agreement that is so bad for this country it has been voted down three times as it not only ties us to the EU but hands control of our affairs to the EU.
The exit date has been cancelled and cancelled again and now May says that we are in danger of no Brexit  unless Parliament votes for her deal.
Parliament appears to have successfully blocked us leaving with no deal but the only deal available to vote on is May’s deal that is a sell out.
If we remain in the EU, in 2020 the Lisbon Treaty of 2007 requires all countries within the EU to adopt the Euro, and gives up their sovereignty completely to Brussels. The London Stock Exchange would move to Frankfurt, with the loss of an estimated 200,000 jobs 
It gets worse, as by 2025 under this treaty we would have to deliver our armed forces, including nuclear weapons, completely into the control of Brussels.
We could have been out of the EU on March 29 with a deal.
We could have left by adopting a Canada-plus-plus deal that Donald Tusk offered Theresa May without any conditions except the payment of the £39 billion over a year ago.
But Theresa May and her civil servants turned it down as she (May) wanted closer alignment with the EU.
May’s Withdrawal Agreement is nothing of the kind, it is a plan to tie us to the EU forever.
Whereas Canada-plus-plus will deliver exactly what we voted for and since it is a deal then Parliament can have no objection to it.
May’s  Withdrawal Agreement must be scrapped, she must be  replaced by a Brexiteer PM who will seek to exit under Canada-plus-plus
You judge if our leading politicians are truthful and acting for you, they have all known of the Canada-plus-plus offer  and the Lisbon Treaty but remained silent. Ask yourself why?