From John Harry, East Cowes:
I have the overwhelming impression, from his letter (CP, 12-04-19), that Steve Shaw is totally ignorant of the fact grey squirrels are not native to this country. The red squirrel is.

Grey squirrels are native to North America and were released in the UK in 1876 in Henbury Park, Cheshire.
 I’ve seen it suggested red squirrels were already in decline, at that point, both from loss of habitat and from disease. 
In addition, grey squirrels seem to be more successful in obtaining food, and also breed twice a year, which gives them a big advantage over the red squirrel.
Grey squirrels also carry the squirrel pox virus, which is a serious infection for red squirrels, but doesn’t seem to harm the greys.
Red squirrels never had any reason to compete, until we introduced that competition, so I feel it is our duty to find a solution that gives them a chance. 
What better way than providing an environment which removes competition, while at the same time establishing conditions that encourage their spread?
I don’t dislike grey squirrels but, at the same time, I firmly believe we should make every attempt to ensure red squirrels do not become extinct.
The world is already losing far too many forms of life every day, without our deliberately ignoring a simple and relatively inexpensive solution for one of our native species.