THE sport of wrestling could be making a comeback on the Isle of Wight after years in the doldrums.

Amid the growing popularity of recently-established wrestling school, Outcast Pro Wrestling, two new shows are coming up for its fans, and giving Islanders green to the sport, an opportunity to perform in the big ring.

The first show since February will be held at Coburgs, Ryde, this evening (Friday), with another at Newport’s Riverside Centre pencilled in for July 27.

Isle of Wight County Press: Island wrestler Matthew Jackson in action.Island wrestler Matthew Jackson in action.

Established by pro wrestler Matthew Jackson in Sandown last August, Outcast has proved to be a big success for adults, children and youths.

So much so, the school was able to put 11 wrestlers on the bill at their last show.

Matthew, also known as Jackson Arrow, also promotes the sport and coaches it.

Back in the 1970s, when wrestling was one of Saturday's most popular viewed sports on TV, shows were a regular occrence at Island venues, especially Ryde Town Hall.

In the late 80s and beyond, with the huge global popularity of WWE, liking wrestling was watched by millions on satellite TV, although it never took off as a sport on the Isle of Wight.  

The Derby-born wrestler, 21, who grew up on the Island, is the current Outcast Pro Wrestling Isle of Wight Champion — winning the belt at February’s Outcast Pro Wrestling event, the 12-man match, Island Warfare.

“I was trained at a wrestling school in Portsmouth and wrestled on shows for a Portsmouth-based wrestling company for a couple of years,” explained Matthew.

“I have been wrestling for four years and wanted to start my own company and do my own thing.

“As there weren’t any wrestling schools run on the Island and only one company coming over to do shows, I thought the Isle of Wight would be a perfect place to set up one so I could give locals the same opportunities I had.

“As soon as I stepped in the ring, I loved the sport.

“I picked up the high flying elements quickly, but struggled with the technical elements early on, but now I love technical wrestling.

“I’m optimistic we could have Islanders taking on big names from the UK wrestling scene — hoping it will grow the profile of our local wrestlers and build a good following for Outcast Pro Wrestling by getting big names over to the Island like WWE NXT UK star, English Lion, Eddie Ryan and Bad Bro, Josh Bodom.”

Anyone interested in taking up wrestling should contact Matthew on 07842-448584 or by email:

Training is held at Unit 7, East Yar Road, Sandown, on Mondays (adults only, 6pm-8pm), Wednesdays (children 4.30pm-6.30pm, adults 7pm-9pm), Saturday (children 10am-noon, adults 12.30pm-3pm) and Sundays (adults only 6pm-8pm).