From Russell Pellett, Lake:
I am absolutely disgusted and appalled at Steve Shaw, of Havenstreet, (Baffled over red squirrels, CP, letters 12-04-19) especially as he had supposed to have been brought up on the Island.
That makes his utterly stupid comments on red squirrels on the Island even more amazing.
He obviously has no thought or care of any wildlife, whatever species, especially on the Island — and elsewhere no doubt — and despite being brought up here and living here doesn’t appreciate that we as Island should be proud and grateful the Island is one of only a few places left that has a natural population of red squirrels.
Everything is being done by the public and various conservationists, especially the Red Squirrel Project, to help, nurture and protect our wonderful little red squirrels.
The grey squirrel is much larger, a bully attacking red squirrels and their young and we hope that not under any circumstances would the grey ever arrive here.
Grey squirrels are very common and all over the country, whereas the red has only a few remaining populations of which the Island is one and we count ourselves lucky to have.
They are already at risk due to natural predators, road kill and destruction of habitats and whatever else and their numbers are declining all the time.
We must encourage and help them all we can.
I suggest he goes back to the mainland and cuddles up with the grey squirrels seeing as he loves them so much.