From Iain McKie, Totland Bay:
Diane Abbott MP made a defence of Julian Assange in the House of Commons insisting his deportation to the USA be opposed.
Island MP Bob Seely rose to his feet and made the claim that deportation was appropriate as Wikileaks was a front for the Russian Secret Service.
 Let us not forget Wikileaks exposed atrocities committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, which the governments of America and its allies (including the United Kingdom) would rather we did not know about, even though those atrocities have escalated the levels of global terrorism which endanger all of us.
 Firstly, there is no evidence that Wikileaks is in the pay of Moscow. Secondly, in the United Kingdom whistleblowers are protected under law. Thirdly, Assange (like him or not) is a bona fide journalist who ought to be able to protect his sources.
 As his Twitter feed demonstrates, Bob Seely is obsessed with Russian influence in the world, and now he has demonstrated he is an enemy of investigative journalism, a free press, and having governments held to account.