A FUNDRAISING appeal has been launched to treat a stray injured cat, known as Garfield.

The ginger tom was hit by a car at the end of March and badly hurt. Despite efforts to capture him and take him to the vet, he would run away when approached.

Following the efforts of Pet Doctors, Newport, and volunteer Andy Marshall, who organised a poster and social media campaign, the puss was caught and brought in for treatment.

Sadly, his wounds had become gangrenous and the damage to his mouth and face were so extensive he had to be fed by a tube.

The Island's Feline Welfare cat charity is now raising money to help pay for Garfield's veterinary care.

The charity's Nikki Hazlegrove said: "We have had fantastic support from animal lovers on the Island, especially from the Isle of Cats Facebook page, Lost Pets and on social media generally.

"It really is heart warming to see just how much people care."

Donations can be made via PayPal on the Feline Welfare website, felinewelfareiow.co.uk

Nikki said: "The team of vets and nurses at Pet Doctors have been awesome with their round-the-clock care for Garfield and we are now seeing the results of their dedicated work.

"We would like thank everyone who has helped in one way or another."

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