FROM Anime to Marvel, characters sprang to life at the popular Pop Goes the Culture on Saturday.

Held at Cowes Enterprise College, cosplay and gaming enthusiasts flocked to the event to indulge their fandom.

Many dressed up and morphed into their favourite characters, while others went to try out the latest gaming technology.

Celebrity was provided by Isle of Wight actress Tori Ellen Ross, who is in the film Fighting With My Family.

Organiser Alex Watts said: "With the help of an embedded community of traders, volunteers and providers, we were able to celebrate a genuine home-grown event.

"Everything folks saw, experienced and enjoyed was 100 per cent Island based.

"The folks who hot-glued their costumes, stitched their own fabric and came to enjoy the space — they're the real heroes of the day.

"My personal highlight was this kid Jack — I've known him a while now, we've had him in the office doing work experience before.

"Like me, he's on the autistic spectrum and can find it hard to relate to the world around him. He was such a shy and sweet kid in the office, but when he got to dress up like his favourite

video game character he was a completely different person. Confident, energetic and free from the burden of trying to hide his fandom and eccentricity.

"When you see new friends being made, everyone adding and tagging each other on Instagram and arranging their own meet-ups — that's what gets me choked up.

"I'm a 31-year-old guy who did my time in the 90s loving this culture but with no outlet, so to be able to join forces with like minded companies like PC Consultants, Big Screen Media and Nosy Design and just give the Island what I never had, I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Fans will enjoy the Island's next event, FAN TC Con, which will be held on August 24 and 25.

Among the guests already booked is Colin Baker of Doctor Who fame.