From John Harry, East Cowes:

As both a cyclist (in earlier years) and a motorist, I can understand the frustrations both parties often feel, while also appreciating the difficulties they have to deal with.

However, I am unable to understand one particular facet of the behaviour of, in this instance, Island cyclists. There are miles of cycle tracks available, at considerable cost to all of us, so why do so many cyclists fail to use them?

Do they have a death wish, or are they simply choosing to make life as difficult as possible (despite the risks they face) for motorised vehicles?

Whatever the reason, it seems to me cyclists must be made to use the cycle tracks, both as a safer option for them, and to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of vehicle traffic

Is it not possible to enact a local by-law to this effect?

I’d also like to see it made an offence to own and ride a bicycle without a suitable means of sounding a warning to others, particularly in the case of shared cycle and pedestrian paths.

 I’ve lost count of the number of times I have had to take evasive action because of a cyclist riding past, without any audible warning, and with no attempt to reduce speed.

That irresponsible and dangerous behaviour simply isn’t acceptable.