A RARE short-snouted seahorse was found during a beach clean at Yaverland.

Blue Seas Protection hosts as beach clean on the first Sunday of every month, starting at 11am.

At the last one, one of the group's younger members, eight-year-old Myles Perolls, and his dad, Roger Perolls, found the seahorse.

The seahorse, an endangered species, was washed up on the shore, entangled in seaweed.

Blue Seas Protection is keen to see the protection level for the whole bay raised from an MPA (marine protected area) to an MCZ (marine conservation zone).

It has already identified the bay as a natural nursery area for the undulate ray, listed as red endangered by Unesco.

The group also conducted a micro plastic particle survey from the pier to Yaverland, in conjunction with Portsmouth University.

Members worked hard picking up and sieving sand to capture micro plastics to determine the extent of the pollution and threat sea creatures.

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