SWATHES of bluebells make for the most picturesque sight — and we are fortunate on the Isle of Wight to have several places in which to see them.

Almost half the world's bluebells are found in the UK, as they are quiet rare in the rest of the world.

Here at the County Press we have pulled together a non-definitive list of the top spots in which to find bluebells on the Island.

1. Mottistone. Seek out Shearn Place, which is nestled away at the back of the National Trust's Mottistone Gardens. The wooded area is best in May when it comes alive with bluebells.

2. Borthwood Copse, near Winford. This delightful wood has plenty of beautiful areas, and is a fabulous place for bluebells.

3. Ventnor Down. Bluebells thrive high above Ventnor, where they blossom despite being exposed to the elements.

4. Newtown Copse. This haven is abundant in both flora and fauna, so keep your eyes peeled. The copse can be accessed by the footpath next to the cottage opposite the National Trust building.

5. Hoy Monument, Niton. Head along the ridge from St Catherine’s Oratory towards the monument, and you’ll come across the bluebells.

Please note it is against the law to intentionally pick, uproot or destroy bluebells.

They are sensitive flowers and can take years to recover after footfall damage, so take care not to tread on them.

The annual Bluebell Walk for Holy Cross Church, Binstead, is being held on Sunday, April 28 at 2.30pm. Leaving from Newnham Farm, by kind permission of the Cleaver family.

The gentle guided stroll through the beautiful bluebell woods is suitable for all ages and pushchairs and dogs on leads are welcome.

An afternoon tea awaits you back at the farm afterwards. Tickets are £4 per person to include refreshments, with children under 12 free of charge.

To book, call Joan 614053, Tina 621020, Hilary 615551 or Liz 872877.