A FRESHWATER centenarian who was the Duchess of Cambridge's oldest living relative, has died at the age of 107.

Alice Amelia Tomlinson, nee Goldsmith, was Kate Middleton's great aunt. Alice's youngest brother, Ronald Goldsmith, was the Duchess's grandfather, and Carole Middleton's father.

Mrs Tomlinson died on Friday, April 5. She had never met her famous great-niece.

Mrs Tomlinson married her husband William in 1929. After the war, Mr Tomlinson set up a haulage company.

Mrs Tomlinson was good with her hands, producing knitwear and other handicrafts. She was also a keen gardener before her eyesight deteriorated.

She leaves two daughters — Patricia Charman and Linda Burman — and their families.

A funeral service will be held at the IW Crematorium on April 29, at 2.15pm.

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