SKATEBOARDER Martha Eggleton, known in the Isle of Wight's skateboard community as one to watch, has suffered a setback by breaking her leg.

Martha, eight, is sponsored by Wight Trash, and the team gave her a shout-out on social media to wish her well after her accident.

They said: "Martha has been totally dedicated to pushing herself learning new stuff lately. Unfortunately she had a slam at the weekend resulting in her breaking her femur in five places.

"The next thing she did was make a list of the tricks she wants to get when she's back on her feet — and that is why we sponsor her.

"She had to wait three days to have her op and the doctors couldn't believe she was just on Calpol for pain relief. She is one gnarly young legend.

"All is good, she'll be back on her board in a couple of months. If you want to see what a true skater is like, you're looking at her.

"Heal up soon Martha."

Martha is on Wightlink's Talented Athlete scheme, and the ferry operator stepped in to help with free travel when Martha needed to get home after being in hospital on the mainland.

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