From John Gansler, Sandown:
The efforts of the IW Transport Infrastructure Board to improve onward travel information at ferry terminals are very laudable (CP, 29-03-19), but if they want to do something really useful they could tackle the iron curtain which divides Wightlink at Portsmouth Harbour from the railway next door.
On Monday, last week, my train from London ran late, and we reached the terminal at 11.15pm by the Wightlink clock, only to learn the 11.15pm catamaran had been closed for departure. 
We were, therefore, condemned to an hour’s wait for the next one.
Regular travellers understand very well sailings cannot be delayed for very long, not least so connections with Island Line at the Pierhead are not missed. 
But in all normal circumstances a delay of two or three minutes is neither here nor there, and catamarans often leave a few minutes late for reasons known only to Wightlink. 
It is surely not unreasonable for Wightlink staff to be asked to check whether trains have just arrived, or will shortly do so — at least in the case of the fast trains from Waterloo, which are the main link to the IW from the capital, are shown with Island connections in the timetable, and can be almost guaranteed to have passengers for the Island on board.
The staff can then take an informed decision as to whether to hold the catamaran for a few minutes. 
This need not be difficult to organise — after all, even we humble passengers can now track train running on our iPhones.
The response of Wightlink staff to the complaints from furious passengers on Monday was, in effect, “Nothing to do with us, guv.” Not good enough.