DOZENS gathered in Newport's St James' Square on Saturday to protest against the introduction of 5G technology on the Isle of Wight.

5G is the next generation of wireless mobile connections, following on from the 4G networks currently used by smartphones across the globe, and could be ten times faster than 4G.

However, campaigners on the Isle of Wight say the potential benefits are outweighed by the unknown impact on human health, wildlife and the environment.

Protesters are calling on a halt to the roll out of 5G until more research is done into its effects.

Protest organiser Tanja Rebel said: "This demonstration clearly showed the concern from young and old about a technology which is being rolled out without due diligence, without strategic health or environmental impact assessments and without any public consultations — without public consent.

"To expose people and wildlife to 24/7 pulsed millimetre wave radiation is in clear breach of the precautionary principle and of our human rights, which are enshrined in UN law.

"People across the world are standing up and raising their voices and Brussels, Rome, The Netherlands and most recently Florida have put a halt to 5G until more research has been conducted, in line with the plea from many thousands of scientists across the globe.

"This is not 'tin foil' nonsense, as our council leader will have us believe, but serious concern based on serious science."

Campaigners are holding a second 5G information and discussion meeting on Sunday, April 14, at 3pm, in the Unitarian Meeting House, opposite County Hall, in Newport.

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