From Eric Hoare, East Cowes:

In my 74th year, I have become increasingly frustrated and annoyed at the government and media attitude towards renewable energy, thinking the way forward is wind and solar energy.

The absolute truth of the fact is they are both very unreliable, unpredictable and completely over engineered.

There is, however, one form of energy which is 700/800 times more powerful than wind and 2,500 times greater than solar,

It an energy that is totally predictable for 20 hours per day, 365 days per year and is guaranteed never to let you down, providing the moon stays in the sky.

You may have guessed already I am referring to tidal stream energy but I should point out, at this stage, I am not referring to tidal barrages or tidal turbines, as each destroy fish stocks or have huge impact on the environment.

I spent 15 years developing a system, addressing both the environmental impact on sea creatures and the acceptance of a construction at sea by the shore observer. A system that is simple to use and maintain; is not over engineered like many existing projects and would generate up to 30 mega watts of power per hour, unlike a wind turbine that produces two mega watts when the wind is blowing.

So far, all my correspondences to government, universities and local authorities have either fallen on deaf ears or they choose to ignore me. For what reason I do not know.

However, I do know my system works as I have already tested a model I built which exceeded my expectations.

We are killing our world, destroying the very foundation of our existence all for a few quid today for the privileged few.

I fear for my grandchildren as they deserve our generation to embrace any form of technology that will help to save our planet.