From Joe Hulse, Gurnard:

Am I alone in thinking the utility companies think they work on Treasure Island? They are forever digging holes in the hope they will eventually find the gold!

While I suspect most people understand the need to dig up roads and pavements; when an emergency situations arise; pipe failures or cable faults. Other situations are not so easy to understand.

Examples include digging holes for apparent maintenance just after a road has been newly resurfaced. Invariably with the hole being left open for some time before it is reinstated, which is not always to the original condition.

Or protracted road closures, where numerous holes are dug, left open with various items protruding from within, compounded by the situation that nobody seems to working on it. They appear to have no idea or concern to the inconvenience or disruption they cause.

Is there no liaison between Island Roads and the utilities, or do they just do it because they are allowed to? Perhaps they can provide an answer.