From Dave Williams, Newport:

Our politicians and electorate are incapable of coming to a decision regarding Brexit.

My solution:

A second vote with the following options:

1. An agreed government policy on leaving the EU (or not)

2. An agreed Conservative policy on leaving the EU or not (if different)

3. An agreed Labour policy on leaving the EU (or not)

4. An agreed Liberal Democrats policy on leaving the EU (or not)

5. Remain in Europe.

Statements from the trade unions, CBI or similar and the Bank of England stating their positions.

The above policies MUST be agreed by a consensus within the parties.

Theresa May to step aside once the result of the vote is known.

A general election is then called on the understanding whoever wins will implement the result in its entirety.

This will be sufficient for the EU to grant us a period of time to sort out this mess. As Theresa might say…Simples!