A FORMER Isle of Wight journalist has been reporting live from the scene of the Christchurch mosque massacre.

Forty-nine people have been killed, and 48 more hurt after a mass shooting, the worst terror attack on New Zealand soil.

Matthew Mckew, a journalist at the County Press from 2013 to 2017, was covering the Christchurch school's climate change strike when the incident unfolded. He arrived at the scene soon after the attack took place. 

Mr Mckew, who is now a freelance journalist in New Zealand, reported live from the scene, speaking to people fleeing the mosque.

He said: "A family stands outside the police cordon, one person in tears. Another person has been allowed outside the cordon, visibly shaken and relieved.

"One person tells me they were heading to the mosque when their cousin said there was a shooting. They then heard the sound of semi-automatic fire. They have not heard from their cousin since and are just waiting. They guess 100 or more people in the mosque."

He spoke to a man who saw his friend killed, who told him 'I just hoped he would run out of bullets'.

Speaking after the attack, Mr Mckew said: "I’ve been in Christchurch just over a month now, and Friday nights are normally busy, full of people out to celebrate the weekend. But tonight the city was eerily quiet, as bars stayed shut and people stuck to police advice to stay at home.

"I’ve been shocked by what I’ve seen and heard and truly feel so sorry for all those receiving the worst possible news.

"People keep telling me ‘this just doesn’t happen here’."