From George Davis, Lake:

It was interesting to read the letter entitled ‘We could help’ about aiding wildlife (CP, 08-03-19).

At present, here in Lake, our landscape is being ripped up at an alarming rate.

The land behind the newly built KFC, which was a habitat for wildlife, has been systematically ruined, mature trees and hedgerows, along with ancient acres of undergrowth, have been bulldozed and destroyed.

Locals, who use this area on a daily dog walk, were used to seeing yellow hammers, goldcrest, linnets, kestrels and various other varieties, going about their daily chores, along with the badgers and foxes and other small mammals.

The pleasure of watching the hundreds of different butterflies, especially the peacock, on the buddleia trees, was in itself an experience.

Now, all bulldozed and burned, the landscape left bare. It’s so sad.

The IW Council and parish council don’t seem to have any idea, as to why or what for, nobody seems to know.

The picture (above) was taken a month ago, and more has been cleared since.