IW PRIDE could be lost — the year after it hosted the UK’s national Pride event.

Event organisers say that an ever-shrinking team of volunteers could make the event untenable this year — a devastating blow for the LGBTI community on the Island.

IW Pride is issuing an urgent call for people to come forward and join the team.

The first IW Pride took place in 2017, and following the huge success of the first year, the Island hosted UK Pride last year.

Around 12,000 people are thought to have attended last year’s event.

But Yve White, secretary and trustee of IW Pride, said that after a number of people left the organisation, the team has been left severely depleted, putting the future of the event, and the IW Pride organisation, at risk.

“We were blown away by our first two amazing years,” Yve said.

“Unfortunately, as key volunteers have moved away or left for personal reasons, we’ve been left very under-resourced on our team,” Yve said

Yve said: “Like almost every other Pride, IW Pride can’t happen without volunteers, and unless people from our community come forward, we can’t guarantee the future of Pride on our Island.

“Without more volunteers, our options are to have a year off – a ‘fallow year’, like Glastonbury Festival – or to wind up the organisation, which would obviously be a devastating blow, not just for us, but for the whole LGBTI community on the IW.”

Volunteers are needed to join the board of trustees, and to help with sponsorship, bid writing, accounts, social media and communications, as well as helping with the main event.

Yve said, “Pride is such a fun thing to be a part of, I’ve made amazing friends and can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Last year, Matt Bundy, of IW Pride, and his partner were recognised by the Prime Minister for their work for LGBTI equality.

IW Pride’s AGM takes place on Saturday, March 23, at noon at the Riverside Centre, Newport. Everyone is welcome. For information on joining the team, e-mail info@iwpride.org.