THE TIDE is turning at Newport Harbour as the Isle of Wight Council sets out ideas for its future.

Following public consultations in 2017 and 2018, plans are being created to transform this key part of the historic town into a lively, well-designed and sustainable mixed-use location.

Options up for discussion include creating jobs and employment opportunities, temporary and permanent activities to increase visitor numbers by land and boat, a harbour loop with a possible pedestrian and cycle bridge and well-designed new homes.

Isle of Wight County Press:

The plans will depend on the feedback given by Newport residents and businesses, and an initial opportunity to find out more about the plans will be held this Saturday.

You can join the council's Newport Masterplan team from 8.30am until 12noon underneath Medina Theatre.

The assistant director of regeneration, Reniera O’Donnell, said: "A masterplan is a way to paint a picture of how the land will be used for the future. It’s not a final blueprint for every detail but the plan will show what’s possible and what isn’t.

"So, for example, we hope to identify types of development, potential new businesses, types of housing, how paths will be laid out, the approach to pedestrian and vehicle movement, greenspace, access to the water, the historic environment — the whole way we envisage the future layout of Newport Harbour.

"And following on from the awesome designs at last year’s Young Designers Awards, maybe even a new bridge across the estuary.

"With the help of Newport residents and our Shaping Newport partners, the masterplan will create a story around our hopes and wishes for the harbour, so we can get the right people to come and invest in making it come to life."

There will be further consultation events coming up in April and May.