YOUNGSTERS at an Isle of Wight primary school got up close and personal with all things science when they celebrated British Science Week.

At Nine Acres' science fair, each year group prepared a special experiment or demonstration to model a scientific concept.

Some dabbled with optical illusions while others experimented with magnetism, mixtures and one group even made oobleck — a Newtonian mixture that acts like a liquid but becomes a solid when under strong force.

Science leader, Mrs Bekesi, said: "This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to take on the role of teacher and share their passion and knowledge for science."

A Y3 student, Reece, said the experience was amazing while Amelia, also Y3, said she liked the fair because she loved science and got to see a lot of cool things in one go.

Mrs Winter, Y5 learning support assistant, said: "I love it. The children learn so much in a such a short space of time and in a very fun way.

"Both children and staff had a fantastic day immersing themselves into the world of science, promoting curiosity of the world and a culture for questioning."