From Jillian Williams, Queenbower:

Our wildlife in the UK is facing unprecedented pressures, loss of habitat being one of its biggest threats. Since 1970, 56 per cent of UK species have declined and one in seven native species face extinction.

We are all aware of the dramatic decline in our beloved hedgehogs and house sparrows. In fact, the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world.

We have a chance to do something on the IW and not to “run with the herd” and follow the government’s outrageous policy of building on our precious greenfield sights.

The IW Council should push to give the Island National Park status and stop this destruction of our heritage.

There is a small patch of farmland to the south of Borthwood, which has been sown with seeds for the birds for the past few years.

I have seen 300 linnets feeding there this winter and also yellowhammers (in serious decline), bramblings and other seed eaters. This is close to a sight earmarked for development.

Just think what we could create on the Island if farmers left the edges of their fields like this instead of spraying/ploughing right up to the hedge (if there is one left)