DESPITE the weather warnings this week, one woman is braving the elements to make a stand about her climate concerns.

Julie Hutchison is standing outside County Hall every day this week, with a placard stating: "We all need to talk about climate emergency."

She explained: "I'm a part time student studying printing and textiles. I learned that 2/3rds of people have never had a conversation about climate change and I feel more people should be having that conversation, however hard it is.

"We can all start to change our lifestyles now to reduce our footprint. Inaction is going to push us past the tipping point, it's that simple.

"I asked my son if he thought I was crazy for doing this and he said 'No Mum, I think it's the responsible thing to do.'

"I can't just do nothing about this. The council must declare a climate emergency. The people this is going to hit are our children, the future generations.

"I'm going to be here every day this week, including Friday which is the students' strike day. Come rain or shine I'm going to be there just to make the point.

"A few people honked their horns in support, perhaps if County Hall hear all the horns honking then they will listen up a bit more."