AN AWARD winning artist is set to host a full day of line-printmaking at the Garlic Farm this weekend.

On Saturday, March 16, Debbie Chessell will bring a relaxed, hands-on workshop to the education centre at the farm.

Participants will leave with their own series of hand-pressed prints and the practised knowledge of how to make such artworks at home.

Debbie said: "I really can't get enough of printmaking. It's such an accessible, affordable and versatile medium.

"I stumbled across it a few years ago when I didn't have enough space or resources to paint — all you need is a kitchen table or even just a tray on your lap and you can get carving."

Debbie grew up on the Island and was very involved in the creative scene here. She exhibited at Vestas, was a permanent artist at Green Buoy Arts in Cowes and painted the Ellen MacArthur cow at Tapnell Farm.

She studied art at Kingston School of Art and the Royal Drawing School and teaches workshops across London.

The course spans for six hours from 10am and 4pm and costs £50 per person.