From Geoff Naylor, Winchester:

Young people have the advantage over older generations, as they tend to see the bigger picture and mostly are not so obsessed with transient politics and economics.

They see humanity as being an integral part of the natural world and not, as we think sometimes, completely separate from it.

They intuitively understand humankind is subject to natural laws, whether others accept it or not.

It seems nature has a self-righting mechanism and the human race is being guided by natural justice to cease doing harmful things and inflicting instability on the rest of the natural world.

Impartial nature does not take into account that we were all born to the current socio-economic political system and know nothing different.

Nature will keep on urging humanity to change course until the harmony of earth’s natural systems is re-established.

If we ignore the relative minor climatic warnings of late, they will intensify until we see sense.