From Lesley Abraham, Wootton Bridge:

After reading Malcolm Mime’s piece on a shake-up in British politics (CP, Weekender 01-03-19), I look forward to his piece on Steve Ross and Peter Brand and what they did or did not do for the Island when they were MPs.

It seems Malcolm Mime has a very low opinion of anyone who stands for public service, does he know anyone in his local parish/town council? 

Does he know where they meet and has he been to a meeting?

Does he know who his local councillor is?

I very much doubt the answer is yes to any of the above.

So I would suggest he throws off his anonymity and puts himself forward as a candidate for the All Mouth and Trousers party at the next local elections and see how he does.

He might find it very interesting. And before he asks, I have been a parish councillor.