MEET the Isle of Wight family on a fundraising mission — to build two replica pirate ships, fitted with paintball cannons, ready for role-playing games.

The Hunter family are trying to raise the cash to build two replica 18th century pirate ships for their new business, Professional Pirates.

They have started the campaign and fundraising mission to raise the £1.2million needed to build the two 40ft vessels, and hope to get the money through crowdfunding as well as traditional fundraising methods.

Once built, the pirates, made up of Alistair, his wife Helen, their son Lawrence and his wife Vicki, will run role playing trips, events and sessions where customers can hire the ships and a trained sailor to go on a jolly, for educational purposes or to have play battles.

Alistair said: "I think we could make it successful and a lot of fun.

"There's nothing like it anywhere else in the world and I think it could be really great for the Island."

Alistair said schools and youth groups would be able to hire the yachts and receive interactive and immersive experiences to learn about the history of the time and pirate life.

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