From Chris Paterson, Ryde:

Could someone please tell me why roads are closed for so long?

For example, the top end of Ryde High Street has been closed for weeks but there rarely seems to be any workers there.

The same with Upton Road; there are a couple of holes and a smell of gas, sometimes there are lights and sometimes the road is closed, but again rarely anyone working.

And I’m sure I could quote lots of places where this happens.

Also it seems to me whoever closes the road likes to choose the most difficult time. For example, I understand Shanklin seafront is to be closed for repairs. OK, but why choose the Easter period?

This can be a busy time as the schools are on holiday and is the first holiday break when, hopefully, the weather will encourage people along there and local business have a chance to recover from the winter.

While I realise there are emergencies, the planners of road closures also seem to delight in closing roads in the same area making travel difficult in that area. For example, Ashey Road, Upton Road and now Binstead all have road works, which make it difficult to choose a route.

Please finish one planned area before opening another hole in the vicinity, and please repair the roads properly.

Am I the only person who was amazed when the repair by the traffic light in West Street/Argyll Street had a large dip when it was finished?

I did report it but got the reply that it wasn’t a problem. So shoddy finishes are apparently allowed.