From Carly Wyre-Nock, Freshwater:

After reading the report about the threat to All Saints’ Primary School, Freshwater, (CP, 15-02-19), I felt compelled to write to you about logic, well more specifically Cllr Chris Whitehouse’s logic, or should that be lack of logic?

I am disgusted by the views he expressed, firstly as he actually has no direct input into our Island’s education, secondly and most importantly, West Wight has nothing to do with him.... perhaps it is his logic that has thus far, in his ‘political career’, prevented him for standing as councillor in the area where he lives.

Furthermore, since when has it been more important to back the values of a Catholic school over those in a Church of England school? Are they not as equally important in Christianity? In fact, Christian values teach us about kindness, respect and equality — perhaps Mr Whitehouse should attend our local schools and see for himself?

However, I should also thank Mr Whitehouse as his unhelpful, illogical comments have fuelled further our local community’s fight to save our village school.

We’ll be sure to be knocking on his door for support.