From Mr A. Dowden, Apse Heath:

Your front-page article re the Island Plan (CP, 15-02-19) says it all. Over 9,500 houses, plus those already approved but not yet built, plus proposed houses in new “garden communities” is just far too much for our Island, which is supposed to be our Garden Isle, or our “Diamond Isle”, but definitely a jewel to be treasured.

A massive increase in building, taking greenfield sites and changing villages forever is not good for the Island. I can only imagine, along with many people I speak to, all these families, many thousands, plus their cars, are coming from the mainland.

I agree we do need housing for Island people, but green fields once built on, are gone forever. We don’t have the jobs on the Island, the infrastructure or local services to cope at present, let alone with the addition of so many more people.

If the council feels it needs to tick boxes, then it needs to look at what is required on the Island, and listen to its residents. I am sure brownfield sites can be found for our housing needs.

Our valuable visitors come to see not only the coastal regions but our quaint villages surrounded by fields. Your article and the appeal by CPRE both mention the deadline date for comments to the plan, ie February 25, but both fail to mention the deadline is noon, on that date. I would urge Islanders to comment, write to our MP and to their councillor — now.